Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Longest Dream

Disclaimer: So cheesy you could smell it.

I believe in Fate. I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not understand it now or we may not understand at all in this lifetime but... I am not really sure if there is really an explanation, but we can believe there is.

I met the person I have been dreaming of several days ago. Everything was perfect. The night cooperated with us. We enjoyed every bit of it, at least I did. To find the person you have been waiting for is bliss, and that's what I felt that night. We talked, we laughed, our guards were down, and I couldn't care less. I wouldn't mind sharing my forevers with this person. I was lost in someone. I was in a situation where time was eternal and I could see myself reflected in those eyes. Those almond shaped eyes that twinkle everytime a smile appears.

That night, I was more than me. I was someone who I never imagined I could be. I was touched and changed. I cry not just because of pain and grief, but because I am human. I am human to have craved for this person.

I dreamt for 6 hours.

And just like any other dream, it ended. I woke up at 1:01  AM but my eyes were open the entire time. I saw everything happen with both the windows of my soul ingesting the scenery and taking everything in. We can never be together.

All I know is, one night changed my life. I may not understand it now because I'm blinded by doubt and drowned in question, but for sure, one day I will look back and realize why things didn't work out as planned. It's excruciating and heartbreaking how I would build burried in rubble for not getting what I wanted the most, but I will pray to Him that someday in the future I will understand this heartache that one night for 6 hours, I was able to see a dream.

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