Sunday, 21 September 2014

Angel in the City

It rained stars from the sky
Hope attempting its hardest to fly
The night smelled like brewed coffee
The streets lost in the evening vicinity

Sounds from the past echo in the air
Repeatedly, but no one seemed to care
Conversations from above descent
Time stood still, moments that were lent

Eyes that bore the soul shook the foundation
Nakedness in each person's candid volition
Disdain melted in the sea of acceptance
Dissolving fragments eventual deliverance

Each step taken slower than the breeze 
Taking its chance to save a remiss
Words sang in oblivion like moonlight
With the wish to keep the world in hindsight

Thus, the moment of farewell is nearing
The completion of each sentence dangling
Sealing the world of doubt in embrace
An angel came and calmed this turbulence

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Your Absence

Missing you is like gasping for air
Inhaling, exhaling, and having a blank stare
Blood in your veins stop running
Feeling like the world is suddenly ending

Every breath is a sharp knife to the chest
Thrusting, stabbing without any rest
Tears begin to run down your face
Each drop speeds down like a race

You were offered the sun and the moon
Yet it was taken from you all too soon
You refuse to hate the bringer of stars
You reject the idea of everything being farce

Bliss hung in the air like heavy mist
Everything was supposed to be sealed by a kiss
You were left hanging just like that
Enduring the disastrous aftermath

You miss so much it hurts 
You miss so much it blurts 
You hate that you can't be together
You hate that there won't be an ever after