Monday, 8 October 2012

Confessions Of A Bitter Melon

Looking up at the mundane sky
Deliberately pondering why
You left me hanging by a thread
You could've just killed me instead

The pain you inflicted was so immense
Wait, I should use the present tense
Tears fall down from my eyes every time I remember
Those emotions and promises that were torn asunder

I can't wish for your happiness still
I hope you'll feel what I feel
I hope someone breaks your heart
I hope someone tears you apart

They say sweet words always hide a catch
Well, you and the quote are a perfect match
I really thought you were different
I guess I was just another replacement

My days are longer than usual
Because our feelings are not mutual
Oh well, that's just how life is
Although, it's you I really miss

I take back all the words that aren't sappy
In the end, I just really wish for you to be happy
We probably weren't really meant to be
All that's left is to set you free

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