Friday, 17 October 2014


There were sounds that echoed from beyond
I looked back and saw no one was around
I searched for it in the crowd of swipe rights
Then there I found a pitch that was just light

The volume was suddenly steadily growing
But there were moments that it was just fading
Then there was a sustained playful crescendo
Which was abruptly joined by an inquisitive fortissimo

Every note was a burst of calmness and doubt
Tensing, striking, and letting the joy flow out
The jumps and leaps of the tone resonate
The harmony intertwined did not dissipate

I tried to find the song again
Feelings dormant I have yet to regain
Then I realized that it's coming from within
From a frigid heart that's always been beating

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Posted via Blogaway

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ode to Black-framed Glasses

My heart aches
My world breaks
My mind is blank
My esteem sank

You broke my heart
You stopped a start
You looked at me
You set me free

We were perfect
We were rejects
We had forever
We had never

I was there
You were there
I'm still waiting
Can you hear me calling?

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